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Aepos Hotel
Category: 3***
Aghia Markella Hotel
Category: 3***
Aghia Markella
Agiazi Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Argentikon Traditional Hotel
Category: L'CLASS
Astrakia Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Avgonima All Seasons Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: C'CLASS
Avgonima All Seasons
Chios Chandris Hotel
Category: 4****
Chios Chandris
Diana Hotel
Category: 2**
Emporios Bay Hotel
Category: 3***
Emporios Bay
Erytha Hotel
Category: 4****
Golden Sand Hotel
Category: 4****
Golden Sand
Grecian Castle Hotel
Category: 4****
Grecian Castle
Ianthe Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Kalliopi Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: B'CLASS
Kyveli Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Lithos Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: A'CLASS
Medieval Castle Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: B'CLASS
Medieval Castle
Messeonas Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: B'CLASS
Morning Star Hotel
Category: 3***
Morning Star
Pantheon Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Perivoli Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Perleas Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Pyrgos Village Traditional Furnished Apts
Category: L'CLASS
Pyrgos Village
Pyrgos Village-Spiladia Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Pyrgos Village Spiladia
Sea View Resorts Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Sea View Resorts
Sunrise Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Sunset Hotel
Category: 3***
Sun Village Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Sun Village
To Pounti Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
To Pounti
Volissos Holiday Homes Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Volissos Holiday Homes
Vouno Village Apartments Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Vouno Village Apartments

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Chios is a marvelous Greek island in the Aegean Sea embraced with pine and jasmine scents. Choosing Chios as your vacation destination, you will enjoy rocks, pinewoods, mastic and citric groves as well as great architectural heritage. Summer temperatures reach +29-35C while in winter you will feel very comfortable in +10C weather. In summer Chios is perfect for exciting beach leisure while spring and autumn are best for sightseeing. The island is famous for its ancient buildings, abbeys, towers and unique local architecture.

Tourists can reach the capital city of Chios from Athens by ferry from the Piraeus port or by plane. The flight will take about 35 minutes.
Chios offers the widest choice of hotels on the island. 4-star hotels are located close to seashore while 2 and 3-star hotels are set remotely from the sea, but closer to shops and local sights.
Karfas offers numerous inexpensive hotels featuring private beaches and amazing seascapes.
Medieval villages like Mesta rent rooms in ancient palaces and villas.

Mastic is the main local point of interest. The groves embrace small villages veiling the areas with fancy pine scent. Small drops of pine tar on the bark of trees produce marvelous odor.
Mavros Gialos beach is known for its black pebble and sand, which emerged due to volcano eruption.
Vroulidia Bay boasts white sand and white rocks around. Vrontados and Prastia beaches offer complete solitude and privacy. For those tourists wishing to luxuriate in the sun, to enjoy water attractions and diving, Karfas will be a perfect destination. Water sports, night clubs and restaurants, bicycle rent and walking tours will be excellent leisure for those guests wishing not to waste time. Public transport runs on schedule. Intercity busses are green colored while city transport is blue. If you want to explore the island on your own, you can rent a car. Food and wine connoisseurs will be excited with local mastic liqueur, Chios wine and other weird mastic delicacies.
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